Not Even J.C. Can Save Terminator…

Terminator Salvation
The fourth installment of the Terminator Series, this movie takes the plight of mankind into the post apocalyptic future as they are now caught in a desperate struggle for survival against the dreaded machines and Sky Net. Unfortunately, this movie is in as much need of salvation as mankind is. To make matters worse, not even J.C. can save them. Yeah, John Conner, who else would I mean? The story follows the hero’s struggle to rally the resistance and destroy Sky Net while being confronted with the first human looking Terminator made. Maybe it was predestined to be bad because I would hate to think anyone would choose to make it so.

 This movie has more plot holes then a cemetery. To make matters worse, the world just isn’t consistent with the future that had been established in the first two. It’s seem like a Terminator movie is almost a sure fire hit, yet director McG leaves us scratching our heads, asking questions and calling for J.J. Abrams by the end of it.

Such questions like, “Why is Dallas Bryce Howard pregnant?”, “How many helicopter crashes can you really survive?”, “Why is Sky Net so unguarded?” and “How much longer will this last?” My biggest complaint is the story telling. Near the end of the movie an image of Helen Bonham Carter appears and explains half of the plot. This is horrible story telling that every director should avoid. You are supposed to show, not tell, the plot, and if you have to fall back on a lengthy monologue to explain it then you have failed as a story teller.

Terminator Pic A

The special effects were fine and some of the action scenes were pretty good, but in this day and age, every movie has good special effects and it is not enough to carry the movie.

The Babe factor wasn’t even that high either. I would give it a three out of five. The main girl was a hot pilot chick that we never really get to know or understand, and who all but disappears later on.

As a whole I give this two Babble’s and a save it for a rental when your girlfriend (if you have one) is out of town.

I give it 2 out of 5 Babbles



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2 responses to “Not Even J.C. Can Save Terminator…

  1. Luke

    You are pretty right on this one, but at least they didn’t do the series any real damage. I kind of see it as a simple little film to take us into the post-judgement day world and set things up for more another movie or two – that will hopefully be much better made.

  2. I was excited about the film… then I found out it was PG-13 and never bothered to see it at all.

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