Transformers 2

I was a Transformers fan as a kid.  I had the toys, I watched the cartoons, and generally loved them.  I was therefore excited last year when the first movie arrived.  But, while it was enjoyable, it was not the spectacular offering it could have been.  When I heard there would be a second movie, I began with high hopes that the movie making powers-that-be would improve the franchise: that this would be the Spider-man 2 to the original Spider-man movie.transformers

Fortunately, I heard some of the early and uncomplimentary reviews prior to seeing Transformers 2.  This allowed me to lower my expectations and probably saved the movie for me.  This is a fun flick, but not a great one.

The good:
There are some truly phenomenal action scenes.  We get to see some really huge and spectacular robot fights. 
We even get to very briefly meet some new robots. 
We get to see a little bit more of the history of the robots and get a little better an idea of what brought them to Earth.

The bad: 
The dialogue was horrible.  I found myself hoping the human characters would stop opening their mouths.  
There are a several comic-relief characters who are obnoxious, unnecessary, and distracting.  The movie spends so much time on the buffoon characters that it loses the time it needs to properly develop and deepen the more interesting characters. 
I think this is my major complaint:  I do not feel like we get to know any of the cool characters.  With too much time spent on the buffoons and the rest split between the humans and the robots, we don’t have enough time to get deeper with anyone.  The movie might have been vastly improved by focusing most of the time on either the human’s or the robot’s perspective.  Even with two and a half hours, it did not seem to have enough time to develop both.  Too many main characters equals too little character development.

The future:
Perhaps the most exciting thing in the movie: we get to revisit the temple where Indiana Jones found the Holy Grail!  This inspires thoughts of future crossovers.  Now that Indy has dealt with aliens in his fourth movie, he’s Primed (ha, ha…bad pun) to meet alien robots!

I give Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: 3 ½ Babbles.



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