No Go Joe?

Yo Joe! No phrase brought more joy as a child to me except maybe the word COBRA! (Or may the Force be with you.) I mean my brother and I have tons of the G.I. Joe toys. Note I said have, because they are still up in the attic. We even bought the comic books and watched the cartoon relighiously. Now, years after my childhood, they are finally making it into a movie titled, G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra.

Go or No Go?

Will It Be G.I. Blow?

 I fear this movie and yet, I am morally obliged to see it. I have to, it is my sworn duty. I watch the movie trailers and I shudder. This movie SHOULD be an instant hit. I mean, how hard is to mess up what is essientally a war flick? Seriously, elite Special Forces take on a sinister terrorist organization. No brainer right? Yet the more I watch the previews and read about it, the more my concern grows. When I was a kid there were two movies I badly wanted to be made. A G.I. Joe movie and Lord of the Rings, fortunately LOR turned out to be really good for the most part, now if they could just get G.I. Joe right.

Apparently the Joes we know and love have been replaced by a super squad that wears a special combat “accelerator” suite that enhances their physical fighting abilities. I don’t like it. It looks cheesy. Why not stick to a good old fashioned dirty dozen style war-action movie? This is nothing like the G.I. Joes we grew up with and loved.

 On a plus side, it does look like France gets hit really hard by Cobra, which should be fun to watch, and the Baroness looks pretty hot as well. I just hope this movie doesn’t have me yelling No Joe! by the end of it.



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2 responses to “No Go Joe?

  1. I am sinking my expectations to sub-Daredevil levels on this one. Wolverine and Transformers 2 coupled with the inclusion of a Wayans brother have me very uneasy about this movie. Yet, I too, am obligated to be present opening weekend.

  2. Aren’t we all obligated to be there? True, the suits seem to be ridiculous. However, you said “cheesy.” In all honesty, the cartoon was indeed cheesy. Remember how a thousand cobra troopers would open fire on two of the Joe’s and hit… well… nothing? Anyway, the original GIJOE the movie was good enough for me, but this should be interesting.

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