Transformers 2


I liked Transformers 1. I liked it a lot. Michael Bay took an animated, toy-based intellectual property from my childhood and turned it into a decent movie with awesome robots. It was a summer blockbuster at its best, perfect for popcorn, nachos, and soft drinks.

When I began seeing the advance teasers and previews for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, I was excited. Transformers movies released two summers in a row? Outstanding! More explosions! More Transformers! More Megan Fox! I CAN’T WAIT!

Unfortunately, the maxim “Less is more” applies here. Michael Bay has gone overboard in creating a movie that ratchets up everything from the first film several notches, but doesn’t make a better movie. There are more Transformers, to be sure, but I didn’t end up caring about any of them.

The Autobots who starred in the first movie barely had speaking lines in this one, and many of those speaking lines were crude and entirely out of character. The new Autobots thrust upon the audience are annoying and almost completely pointless to the advancement of the film. Think Jar-Jar Binks.

Events occurred that were neither foreshadowed nor established by precedence. They just happened inexplicably and randomly, leaving me to scratch my head and question whether I missed something in the story. The Deus ex Machina was in full effect. As a friend of mine said, “Every movie creates the rules to which it must adhere. Transformers 2 broke all of the rules.”

Still, despite all of the broken rules, crude speech, and What-the-frak moments, I liked this movie. It’s hard to escape the fact that giant robots beating the exhaust out of each other is pretty cool, and Michael Bay handles these scenes well. I had heard that there were several hundred Transformers brought to the screen in this film; I was running through the old toy catalogues in my head, wondering who might be next to make it into the movie, and I was pleasantly surprised at the results.

Final thoughts: Not enough Transformer screen time, way too much Shia LeBouf, plot holes that Optimus Prime could drive through, and great action sequences. Go in with low expectations and a large popcorn, and have a good time.

Haiku Review

Film director Bay:
“People don’t want subtlety.
Give them explosions!”

2 Babbles out of 5




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3 responses to “Transformers 2

  1. You are more forgiving of the movie I have loathingly dubbed “Transformers Deuce.” Good overview though. So far, my most anticipated films this summer are 1 for 4 (Thanks again Star Trek!).

  2. I completely agree with you!! I knew when I was watching it that it was rubbish but still enjoyed it somehow!! I did hate those twin Autobots though!! Absolutely terrible!!

  3. Tony

    Like my earlier review reflected. There was so much wrong with this movie but somehow I still really liked it- not as much as the first but I was still grinning through it. Hated the twins, the foul humor, and the complete lack of common sense. Oddly, it was still fun. However, let’s hope Bay grows a conscience and makes a better third outing.

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