The Comic-con Awesomitude

I decided to start my Comic-con commentary by inventing a word: awesomitude (an attitude of awesomeness).  So there you go, feel free to use it…no patents are pending.  It’s freeware.

Comic-con definitely had awesomitude this year.  Seeing as a picture is worth a thousand words (or so they tell me), I’m going to add a lot of photos with a little commentary.  So here we go:

The Panels:

Almost the first thing I saw was one of my favorite creative types, Neil Gaiman in a panel on his movie Coraline.  Neil Gaiman was a joy to hear from, as usual.  Teri Hatcher (voice for Coraline’s mom) was made fun of alot, but took it all in good humor.  The Coraline DVD released last Tuesday.  It even comes in 3D!  And Graveyard Book will (hopefully) be his next movie.  It was an excellent read.  If you haven’t already read it, go get a copy now!


I followed this up later in the day with a panel led by another of my favorite creatives, Joss Whedon talking on his show Dollhouse.  Several of the cast joined the panel, including Eliza Dushku (Echo), Fran Kranz (Topher), and Dichen Lachman (Sierra).  Joss is extraordinarily witty and insightful.  And the show was renewed.  Maybe Joss’s curse of having all his shows prematurely canceled is done with.  It is a good show.  Start watching it now, just in case.  Don’t let this be another Firefly!


Later that night I got into the second half of a panel with Peter Jackson and James Cameron.  The room was only half full.  I’m not sure why that was.  These two men are geniuses when it comes to film making.  It was a very thought provoking talk.

jackson & cameron

On Saturday morning, Tony and I sat in line for three hours (thankfully, my only long line wait of the Con) to see the Chuck panel.  Totally worth it.  We saw a live performance by Jeffster and nearly the entire cast came.  It was fun and exciting to hear about the next season.  They thanked everyone who supported them.  They were sooo close to being cancelled.  Looks like a phenomenal new season for Chuck.

Jeffster wowed the crowd and then everyone looked left.

The three stars (Adam Baldwin is hilarious)
levi & strahovskibaldwin

Someone in the crowd shouted: “Yvonne Strahovski, you’re hot!”, Adam Baldwin thanked them for their grasp of the obvious.

The Floor:

The rest of my time at Comiccon was spent exploring the massive exhibition floor and all the exhibitors and exhibitionists found there.

At any one time, there were usually a few other people with me on the floor.  I apologize to anyone I may have accidentally trampled.

A particular draw for many was this fox…err, Megan Fox, who was signing autographs and taking pics with many appreciative fan boys.  There may have been some fan girls in there, too, but I had trouble noticing them for all the guys…and, if there, the ladies probably thought it was raining inside for all the drool falling their way.  If anyone wants to know what nerd hormone going into overdrive and pushed out the poors of a massive crowd smells like…I can now tell you.
I have no idea who the fan with Megan is, but he seems very happy.
megan fox

Other people of note included Adam West (the original TV Batman) and Edward James Olmos (Admiral Adama from Battlestar Galactica…the best show to come along in a very long time).
adam westolmos

And then there was Nichelle Nichols (Uhura from the original Star Trek TV show).  I caught her on the cell phone.  It seemed very low tech for the Enterprise’s comms officer.  Where’s her earbud?!

There were many excellent displays.  My favorite was this behemoth from the upcoming film Avatar.  I’m looking forward to seeing (and then reviewing) this one.

Bumblebee represented for the Transformers and a Dalek showed up and did not exterminate anyone…I watched it for a while to see if it would, but left disappointed.  I’ll plug the newest series of Doctor Who here:  It’s creative, fun, and funny (even good for those who were never into the show in the past).

I never did find out what all the people are seeing in their goggles, but apparently it didn’t agree with the guy in the middle chair.

There was a whole armory of Iron Man armor and there’s now a BSG board game (again, one of the best shows ever…not sure about the game, though).
iron manBSG game

The Stargate has been there for all three of the Comic-cons I’ve attended, but it’s still a popular photo shoot.  And most of the people who walked through it came back.  For those that didn’t, I think they went into the truly atrocious food offered by the Cafe Express vendors.  And since when does Soylent Green cost so much?!

This last one was not actually at the Convention Center but across the street.  I give major props to Disney for their recreation of an 80’s style arcade, with hidden room, to promote the upcoming movie: Tron Legacy.  This was an amazing promo.
flynnsarcadetrontron gamehidden roomlight bike

The Costumes:

There were alot of people who put serious time and effort into showing their nerd-love to their favorite characters this year.  There were alot of people who obviously put much less time and effort into their costumes, too.  Overall, though, the costuming (good and bad) was fun to see.  Here’s a few that caught my attention.

The superheroes were well represented.  Batman gets all the girls.  Why do they always go for the dark, brooding, and extraordinarily rich guys?
batmanbat women

Marvel had their fans, too.  I saw Spider-man and Black Cat, and Magneto and Spider-woman (Marvel does like their arachnids).
spidey & black catmagneto & spider woman

There were Star Trek and Star Wars fans, including an ewok.  The two fan sets did not fight…at all.  This is an age old conflict: Star Wars vs Star Trek and not a single phaser was fired, not a single wookie ripped someone’s arm out of it’s socket.  Come on guys!  Sigh…maybe next year.  Maybe it’s for the better.  We all know the ewoks would’ve destroyed everyone with their superior rock and stick WMDs.
klingonsstar wars fansewok

There were many who were celebrating G.I. Joe’s upcoming movie.
snake eyes & scarletcobrastorm shadow

Alice and the Mad Hatter came to promote Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland movie.
alice & hatter

I found Waldo!

Even in the Star Trek universe, it’s not easy being green…though easy on the eyes, at least.

There was a god of war and a simple but effective cat girl.
god of warcat girl

There were many well done pirates, like this guy, and the steam-punk crowd was thoroughly represented.
piratesteam punk

Finally, there are the costumes that fall into the category: “Well done! Though I have no idea who you’re supposed to be.”
tallmixelfpirate hoganimearmy

It was a great year.  Can’t wait for the next one!  I give it 4.5 Babbles.  It lost half a Babble for the nerd hang-over and withdrawals I’ve had to suffer the last couple of days.




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2 responses to “The Comic-con Awesomitude

  1. Nice work, Rhino. It looks like there was more to do than last year, which is cool for fans. I fathom why the room was half full for Cameron and Jackson, but oh well…

    I heard someone made a George Lucas reference and Cameron/Jackson made a joke at Lucas’ expense. Thanks for posting and good job.


  2. Jeff

    Awesomitude and Nergin, I think we are on to something here!

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