Babbleon5 First Podcast of Comic Con 09


This is a temporary hosting site for our first podcast- we’ll roll out  a more permanent solution for the future. We will soon post on iTunes as well. Enjoy this 1 hour podcast of our Comic Con experience!

Click below:

babbleon5 Comic Con Podcast



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2 responses to “Babbleon5 First Podcast of Comic Con 09

  1. At comic con, did any of you catch a glimpse of a remake called trick r treat? Also, what are your thoughts on Stephen Spielberg picking up the movie Halo?

  2. Johnny

    i saw ads for ‘trick ‘r treat’ but didn’t catch the panel. i think that stephen spielberg will do ‘Halo’ justice. i’m an avid gamer but sadly not a huge fan of the franchise. spielberg has done war themes before with ‘saving private ryan’ and producing the HBO series ‘band of brothers’. he’ll have to get a good grasp of the source material before tackling the project.

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