Inkheart: A story about story

Inkheart1aInkheart:  This is a movie I knew almost nothing about and heard very little hype from when it was on the big screen.  I thought it might just be a mediocre rental at best, something to watch while doing other things.  I quickly found myself engrossed in the film, unwilling to be distracted by attempted multi tasking.

Inkheart caught my attention right from the start.  A story-esque picture, Inkheart is rife with books, the ideas of story, the power of words, and many other personally beloved concepts.  In fact, I think I loved the ideas and themes of this film more than the overall whole.  As well, the amazing scenery, some beautiful camera work, and a plethora of fun characters made this movie a joy for me to watch. 

That said, the story seemed jumpy at times.  There seemed to be certain parts that were left out or moved through too quickly.  Certain characters, relationships, and concepts seemed to develop faster than was truly accounted for in the movie.  Considering the movie was based on a book, I assume that most of this was a part of the original novel that was left out of the movie.  Still, the movie made me want to go and read the book, which speaks well for it. 

Overall, I really did like this movie.  It was helped greatly by my own love of books and the idea of story, but I think it stands up fairly well on it’s own.

 I give it 4 Babbles.



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