Rollin’ Snake Eyes: A GI Joe Review


Well gang, I did it. I sucked up my pride, squeezed my wallet of $10.00 bucks and went and saw G.I. Joe Friday night, and you know, I was pleasantly surprised. I know I risk all of my hard earned credibility by saying this but I didn’t think it was bad. Let me say this now, I DID NOT say it was good and definitely not great, but I walked out feeling entertained by it. I think maybe it is on the same level of Transformers 2, not a good movie by any means, but somehow I enjoyed it. I am trying to figure out exactly why though, and I think I have narrowed it down to a couple things.

  1. I went in with absolutely no expectations of this being even somewhat enjoyable. I thought I was going to hate it, so any amount of decency was a nice benefit.
  2. This is a kid’s movie, plain and simple. I mean it’s G.I.Joe for crying out loud, what else could we really expect? I realized that early on while watching the movie and I think it changed my perspective. Sort of like how the first Harry Potter movie was for kids, yet I still found it enjoyable. So if you accept this now, it changes your perspective. I mean this is a movie based on toys, cartoon and comic books. I did appreciate the fact they kept it kid friendly though, no sex, violence or language.
  3. The nostalgia factor was very high. G.I. Joe ruled my life as kid. I LOVED everything about it. The toys, comics, the characters, everything. I really enjoyed watching the characters on the big screen. It was just kind of cool to me. I almost wept at the sight of the Baroness.

Yes, this movie is cheesy, so was everything about G.I. Joe. Yes, there is a ton of CGI, it is an action movie with over the top vehicles and sequences.  Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow were always able to do absurd stuff anyways. Like I said, it was not a good movie per se, there were some plot holes etc. It won’t win Oscar’s for it’s daring portrayal of warfare in the post 911 era. The plot reads a lot like a comic book, with the characters past’s overlapping each other but it worked well and the acting and dialogue were fine for the most part. Here are some quick takes.

Quick Takes:

From the trailer I was afraid it would all be about guys in the power suits, without any spoilers, there was only one action sequence with the suits in them.

The babe factor was good in this one. Sienna Miller was hot as the Baroness and Scarlet sparkled.  No Megan Fox but good none the less.

Yes, it has a Wayans brother in the movie, which should have tanked it from the beginning however he was fine. A bit goofy but fine overall.

The movie was worth it just for the scenes of Paris getting destroyed. Is it wrong to secretly hope for COBRA’s success?

In the end, you should probably catch this one in a matinee or the dollar theatre. I know most of you won’t like this movie so don’t say I didn’t warn you. I give it 2.5 Babbles if that seems possible for a movie I walked away from with a smile but it just came across to me as good, clean fun. Just like my childhood, before the darkness set in.

Look for Tony’ scathing review tomorrow.



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