I Like You Man? Or I Love You Man?

I love you man

Well this week I gathered around the ‘ole flat screen, high def. TV with the roomies and watched I Love You Man. I have to admit, when it came out I didn’t think it looked very good, but after it got decent reviews and was recommended by several friends, I went ahead and watched it and you know, I didn’t love it, but I liked I Love You Man. It was fairly clever and enjoyable.

Not a lot of big star power in this one, the biggest name is a slightly lost looking Andy Samberg, but also noteworthy is J.K. Simmons and Jon Favreau. Additionally, up and coming Rashida Jones stars as Paul Rudd’s boyfriend. You may recognize her as the new little darling of NBC, having starred in The Office for a while and in Parks and Recreation. (Is that even still on?)

This movie basically follows the life of Peter Klaven, a man who has had nothing but girlfriends his entire life and now, with the approach of his wedding, realizes he has no guy friends to be his groomsmen/best man. He then embarks upon a quest to make such acquaintances. Enter Sydney Fife (Greg Levine) the quintessential guy’s guy. He is rude, crass and a total slacker. He is exactly what Peter needs.

They soon hit it off and their misadventures begin. From drunken binges, Rush concerts, late night rock outs and even a fight with Lou Ferrigno, the two quickly bond and learn quite a bit about friendship a long the way.

This movie is funny and clever and explores the perverse inner workings of male friendships. (aka the Bromance) It is pretty crass at parts, so I wouldn’t let the kiddo’s see it, but otherwise it worth a rental. Girls will get a lot out of it as well, since not only does the movie explore the guy’s friendship, but it also explores how Peter fiancée must learn to deal with this new aspect of his life as well.

One thing I did like was that the movie really embraces male friendships in a realistic way. To many movies suggest that because a couple of guys are close, they must be gay, but this movie dealt with the issue in a comedic yet honest way. I have to admit, I love my guy friends like brothers. I probably wouldn’t be here now without them and Babbleon5 is even a result of some of those friendships, so it was good to see a movie that pays tribute to such camaraderie.

One thing I didn’t really like was Andy Sambergs roll in the film. He stars as Peter’s younger gay brother. Normally I like Samberg but he just seemed a little lost. I expected more out of his character. At any given point I fully expected him to burst out into the crazy antics he is known for but nothing really ever developed. It is like waiting for a bomb to go off that never explodes. To be fair, he didn’t detract from the movie, but he never really added much to it either. It seems rather obvious they just added him in for some name recognition.

In the end I would recommend this movie for a nice fun evening at home. Call your buddies over, play some cards, crack open some brews and then cuddle together on the couch and hang out with your dudes.

I give this movie 3.5 Babbles.



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