The Unborn

unbornI rented this aptly named movie last week on iTunes.  The Unborn tells the story of college student, Casey who begins having disturbing visions of undead fetuses and strange masked dogs.  She comes to realize she is being haunted by some kind of spirit who desires to enter our world through her.  Casey seeks help from her father, friends, a mysterious Nazi concentration camp survivor, and finally a Jewish rabbi; all of whom initially treat her growing paranoia with disbelief.

The Unborn holds very true to its name.  I generally enjoy movies that fall into the “haunting” genre, even some of the lesser offerings.  However, I watched and waited through this particular ghost story for any sign of the spooky, creepy, and other-worldly, yet all such concepts remained firmly unborn.  The few instances where momentary fear might’ve seen conception were quickly aborted by poor story telling and mediocre cinematography.  The plot points backing the storyline remained under developed and the timing of the entire story seemed as off tempo as an unplanned pregnancy.  Overall, The Unborn is a miscarriage in the nursery of horror cinematography.  I advise practicing abstinence and avoiding this one.

I give it 1 out of 5 Babbles.


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