I’m certainly Dredding it…

So I just saw this announcement and had to comment on it. Another Judge Dredd movie coming? They didn’t learn their lesson from the first one? Say it ain’t so boys, say it ain’t so. I am sure with all the success that comic book movies have had it was just to hard to resist another shot at. So is this a series reboot?  Or a whole new plot line? It remains to be seen. All I can say is, please, please don’t put Stallone back in it. Here is the link.





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2 responses to “I’m certainly Dredding it…

  1. I hope it’s a total rehaul! If not I hope Armand Asante and Diane Lane go into hiding.

    • Tony

      A reboot certainly couldn’t be any worst than what they ended up with. Maybe Rob Schneider will reprise his role as the plucky comic relief sidekick!!! Oh geez.

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