The Black Dog of Patrick Swazye

Black Dog 2

With Patrick Swayze doing in depth research for his role in Ghost 2, and everyone is lauding his work on Dirty Dancing, I would like to a moment to remember him for movie I am still trying to forget: Black Dog.

It came out in 1998 and Swayze plays a trucker who is forced to run an illegal load for the mob and must find a clever way to thwart them without getting into trouble with the law. I must admit I got suckered into seeing this movie by my good friend and Babblon5 reader Andrew McMahan, but hey what are friends for?

The warning that I should not see this movie was that it stars Meatloaf. I hate Meatloaf, even with ketchup. (Ba-dum-bum) As a general rule, don’t see a movie with a guy named Meatloaf in it. The second warning was that it stared Randy Travis as well. Something about musician-actor crossovers just doesn’t work very well. (With a few exceptions like Will Smith, Mark Wahlberg etc.) The last warning was that it was a movie about trucking which speaks for itself.

Anyhow, this movie is pretty lame and probably not how Swayze want to be remembered, yet this movie has still scarred my soul. For the record, the term black dog is a trucker term. It refers to an imaginary black dog that truckers who are tired from a late night long haul think they see and swerve to miss, thus getting into a wreck, which is ironic since this movie was a wreck.

It did however give us this great line from Randy Travis, “You saw it didn’t you, last night, you saw the black dog.” 

If TNT does a Patrick Swayze marathon, skip it, he is in the dog house for this one.

Surprisingly they did not use the great Led Zepplin song “Black Dog” in the movie. I guess they didn’t want to defame it.

It’s been years since I have seen it so it isn’t fresh in my mind, but I would probably give this half a babble out of 5.Ratings0.5of5


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One response to “The Black Dog of Patrick Swazye

  1. Andrew

    I deny ever, EVER seeing this with you.


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