Say yes to the Proposal


While we are on he ‘romantic comedy’ streak, I might as well throw in my review of The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. This is also another ‘dollar theater’ experience which turned out to be a surprisingly positive. Don’t get me wrong, The Proposal is safe and predictable, but romantic comedies are like Coca-Cola, don’t mess with the formula. There is nothing original or risky here but it’s above average to the many competitors out there which is saying something and nothing all at the same time.


Sandra Bullocks plays Margaret Tate, a high strung, high powered book publishing exec. Her position at her job and as a U.S. resident is threatened with deportation back to Canada. She then semi-threatens her assistant Andrew (Reynolds) into a fake engagement in order to save her status, career, and future. Since this move will also bode well for Andrew’s career, he goes along with it. They spend the majority of the movie in a little town in Alaska, where they (spoiler alert!) fall in real love and come to the expected moment of truth to stay in love or not.

The Proposal marks the return of Sandra Bullock back to the romantic comedy genre. She intentionally took time away for a few years waiting for the right movie to return in. While The Proposal is generally enjoyable, it is far from original. It is a mix between a couple of her past movies of ‘Two Weeks Notice’ and ‘While You Were Sleeping’ with a dash of ‘Northern Exposure’ sprinkled in. Granted, those two movies rank among the better of Bullocks career but it does make for a deja vu experience.


There is fun chemistry between Margaret and Andrew, especially in the first 2/3rds of the film. There is also some enjoyable shenanigans involving Andrew’s family that is not too over the top that you come to expect in these kind of movies. The best part of the movie is that they make a solid attempts at some emotional plot points in the movie that are tender and empathizing. It’s not Academy Award winning stuff but it is at least ‘real’ people kind of topics. Bullock does a good job letting her guard down and showing some vulnerability. By the conclusion, you want them to be together, which is all you can really ask for in a romantic comedy.

This film also makes you want to visit Alaska. It’s beautiful and picturesque, for whatever that is worth. The supporting cast roles are typical but endearing. Oscar Nunez (Oscar from The Office) does a surprisingly fun job at playing multiple roles but I won’t spoil what they are here.

While nothing life changing, The Proposal is an agreeable diversion in an otherwise low point in the movie season. I propose you catch it at the dollar theater.

I’ll stretch and give this 3 out of 5 Babbles


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