Superman Batman: Public Enemies

public1 publicenemies

I surprisingly haven’t been disappointed yet with these DC Comic (straight to DVD) movies. At first glance, I can’t say I’m a fan of the art work. It looks too simplistic, blocky, and seems too cartoonish for the mythos of Superman or Batman. I didn’t get a chance to read the comic book before watching this, so I was left with no expectations viewing this animation.

publicenemies4 public-enemies

Again, DC surprises with the level of violence it can get away with in an animated film. I really enjoyed every minute of it. The beatings Superman and Batman unleash caused me to exclaim and shout with testosterone. I loved it. Cameo after cameo of both superheroes and villains, also added much to the viewing experience.

publicenemies3 publicsupermanbatman

Something has to be said about the music. Given the seemingly small scope of this movie, the music score was quite moving at times. It fueled the audiences anxiousness and eagerness to see the good guys brutally spank the bad in a heavy brawl.


‘Public Enemies’ was a very entertaining watch, full of action, surprises, suspense, and tells a pretty compelling story.



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One response to “Superman Batman: Public Enemies

  1. Tony

    Dude I totally want to see that. Thanks for reviewing and let me borrow it!

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