Adventures of Power Trailer

It’s been a busy weekend and I wasn’t able to see any new movies, let alone write a review for one, so I’ll take this opportunity to present a movie that I am eagerly anticipating. “Adventures in Power” looks like it’s part Zoolander and part Dodgeball, with a little Napoleon Dynamite thrown in. Awkward-looking white guy from  coal-mining town knows he was born to rock, but never learned to play the drums. That hasn’t stopped him from trying, though, and he’s off to the big city (but not too big) to learn the craft of … air drumming. That pause was to prepare you for the awesomeness that I think this movie will be. Starring Ari Gold as “Power” and ad-lib comedy regulars Michael McKean (Spinal Tap, Best in Show) and Jane Lynch (For Your Consideration, A Mighty Wind).

Check out the website at and the official trailer below.


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