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How does one know a good film when one sees…one?  What makes for a good movie? Phenomenal actors?  A dream cast?  A fantastic story?  A brilliant director?  The absence of Ben Affleck?

The truth is, all films have value. From the Best Picture Winner to the made-for-TV docudramedy that goes straight to DVD, no feature goes completely hated or, for that matter, completely loved.  Every film is precious to someone (amazingly, even ones with Ben Affleck).

With that as my mantra, I’ve seen scores of bad movies:

critters3boat_tripAdventures_Of_Pluto_Nashbasic_instinct2Summer Citymy_babys_daddycheerleader-ninjaleonard-part-sixBattlefield Earth

But the bad movies help me distinguish the great ones. It’s like wading through a river of sewage, when even the faintest whiff of fresh air comes, you savor each microscopic molecule of O2 bliss! Consider this summer’s big budget films. Sure, you left Star Trek thinking, “What a great movie!” But after dropping ten on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, GI Joe, Transformers 2, Terminator-Salvation and Public Enemies you probably thought, “Star Trek was unbelievably awesome!” Sometimes it takes a second or third installment of a franchise to unearth the shear greatness of the original (think Jaws 3D, Superman 4 or the Clooney Batmans).

My consumption of cut rate cinema has rarely benefited anyone but me to this point. Now, I bring my fondness for flawed film to the BabbleOn5 team, in hopes of offering insightful analysis of current films…which will almost never involve Ben Affleck.




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7 responses to “New Babbler, Rick, Taking One…Or Several, For the Team

  1. Hey! Who’s calling Cheerleader Ninja a bad movie? Welcome aboard! Nice analogy about the sewer. It is true, wach enough and you know whats is good.

  2. Tony

    What!?! You didn’t think Ben in Gigli was a great??? Your right, with the exception of his first film, Good Will Hunting, Ben has pretty much been the kiss of death.

  3. Great sewer metaphor!!! I really liked “Good Will Hunting”! After that, Ben Affleck was good in……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….well, he was good in…………………….well, he sure is good at being Jennifer Garner’s husband. He looks great in all the “US Weekly” shots of he and his family… 🙂

    • Jeff

      Yeah how far has he fallen? I will say this, I think he CAN be a good actor, as long as he isn’t the LEAD actor in a film. He just can’t carry a movie himself. But he was good in Good Will Hunting. He was also good in Changing Lanes, Chasing Amy, and yes even Armageddon. (Yes it is on my Forbidden Five)

      • Tony

        True. Big Ben was actually ok in Extract as the supportive, drug pushing bartender friend. I think he is realizing that and exploring more of these types of roles. Which is good for the world.

      • I admit, there are a couple movies like “Dogma” and “School Ties” (he plays a character named Chesty Smith) that I have seen multiple times and really enjoy, but when he’s the principal character, forget about it! He wasn’t bad in “Changing Lanes” but my bias kept me from sympathizing with his character as his life spiraled down the drain. I’ll never forgive him for “Daredevil!”

      • Tony

        Dogma was really good- especially since he was part of an ensemble cast. Yes, he desecrated DareDevil forver.

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