Zombieland Review


Zombieland was an unexpected surprise. From the clips I saw at Comic Con, I can’t say that I was excited at all to see this movie. After seeing Facebook status’ from several girls that I would think too squeamish to see this type of movie, praising it ‘HILARIOUS’ and the high percentage of positive reviews on RottenTomatoes, I went out late one night and saw the Zombie flick with some friends.


The dialogue is brilliant. Jesse Eisenberg, a Michael Cera type, really has excellent comedic timing and plays well off of Mr. Harrelson’s blunt humor. The story is simple enough. It’s about survival in a zombified world. ‘Tallahassee’ played by Woody Harrelson spends most of his journey searching for the very last Twinkie snack left in this world. Along the way he meets ‘Columbus’ (Eisenberg) and ‘Wichita’ (Stone) and ‘Little Rock’ (Breslin). Names of cities are given to each person to avoid any emotional attachment to each other. Together they must learn to trust each other if they want to survive.


The film proceeds to provide the audience a nice little guide to how to survive a zombie takeover. Example, #1 rule: ‘Cardio’. It’s important to know to keep up your stamina because the ‘fatties’ are the first to be turned into a zombies. Rule #2, ‘Double Tap’. A nice little rule that an audiences have been screaming at the movie screen for years. Finally, the appearance of ‘BM’ was a nice touch. A complete surprise, that added so much to what could have been a typical zombie genre film.


I laughed throughout this movie. It probably could beat ‘Shaun of the Dead’ as best zombie film in this genre. Definitely would watch this again and add to my dvd collection.


4 out of 5 babbles.


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