Where the Wild Things Are…

Where the Wild Things Are


Where the Wild Things Are, few books capture children’s hearts and minds like Maurice Sendak masterpiece. I remember loving this book as a kid. Sendak takes something that would normally scare a kid (monsters) and turns into something incredibly endearing and now it’s being made into a movie.

Where the Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak

I am intrigued by this movie but I am also skeptical. Children’s picture books rarely have enough content or substance to make a full length feature film, so it is up to the director and writers to come up with something more. The question is, can they improve on a classic?

All I have seen are the trailers and art work, but I have to admit, I am impressed. It LOOKS amazing. The visuals seem to play on the child like sense of wonder and adventure the book creates and the Wild Things themselves look spot on. Which were of course, my favorite part as a kid.  Maybe with today’s special effects that doesn’t account for much but when you are playing with something this original and great, it doesn’t take much to mess it up.

Will it be Wild Things or mild things? Only time will tell.

Here are some more images.

Where the Wild Things Are  Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are KW  Where the Wild Things Are Max

Ira  Alexander



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2 responses to “Where the Wild Things Are…

  1. Dave Eggers wrote the screenplay which was also published in book form under the title “Wild Things”. I don’t know if you’ve read any Dave Eggers, but he is brilliant. I bought the book to read. I’ll let you know. http://www.slashfilm.com/2009/06/14/cool-stuff-dave-eggers-wild-things-novel/

    I’m so excited about this movie. All of the posters you’ve presented make me more excited! Can’t wait!!!

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