Down with the Boondock Saints

So last Saturday night I watched The Boondock Saints again. Writing about an already critically acclaimed movie is about like me critiquing a Monet or Van Gogh. What am I going to say that hasn’t been said? Still I watched this movie most recently so I will write a bit about it.

I love this movie; it is witty and well written. The acting is great and the plot is really intriguing. The movie basically follows a pair of Irish immigrant brothers (Sean Patrick Flanery  and Norman Reedus) in Boston who become vigilantes with the help of their former mob friend. Also starring is Willem Defoe, who turns in an entertaining performance as the detective in charge of figuring out the bizarre happenings that nobody is talking about going on in the city.

The action scenes are very creative, often interjecting Willem Defoe into the action sequences as he reenacts what has happened before.

Perhaps the greatest part of this film is that it really challenges the viewer to examine his or her beliefs about our legal system and the issues of justice that we face. The Saints, basically play judge, jury and executioner to really bad guys. Nasty, mean mobsters who really have it coming. The kind of bad guys that everyone knows who they are, but nobody can do a damn thing about them due to the failings and red tape of the legal system. So what happens? These two brothers take down these guys, and the viewers find themselves cheering for the Saints in the process. Everyone knows our legal system is flawed, and everyone loves to see the bad guys get what they deserve, even without due process. It is what makes characters like the Saints or Rorschach from The Watchman so popular, absolute justice, but at what cost? And is it justifiable?

Consequently there is now a Boondock Saints 2 being released this weekend. It took them a long time to get the deal done, and rumor has it that it was either because A. Troy Duffy is incredibly hard to work or B. The guy who wrote it and holds the rights was demanding to direct the film, select the cast etc. Regardless of whether this is true or not, Boondock Saints 2 is now about to hit the big screen. Willem Defoe however is not listed in the cast and surprisingly enough, if you check IMDB, David Della Rocco, ie. “Rocco” IS listed in the cast. Flashbacks maybe? We can only hope so.

Of course, the real problem is whether or not it can keep to its low budget, surprise hit charm or if becomes a huge, over done, summer blockbuster ala Michael Bay style.

I give this movie 4 Babbles.



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  1. Rick T

    I misinterp-ed your title and nearly vetoed our acquaintance! After reading your review, our alliance is safe!

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