Battlestar Galactica: The Plan


(*No spoilers*)
The BabbleOn 5 crew have been devoted fans of the recent Battlestar Galactica series produced by the Syfy Channel. We consider BSG to be one of the finest series ever produced by Syfy- which is saying very little. But even by network or cable standards, Battlestar ranks easily among the best (we considered calling ourselves Babblestar!).  The dramatic series ended after a self-appointed 4 year run much to the regret of its fans. Producer Ron Moore wanted to end the series on their terms- I can respect that. To help with the bereavement, the makers created a couple of 2 hour specials to tie up loose ends in Caprica and The Plan. We all watched The Plan the other night so I wanted to share my thoughts on it for other BSG fans out there.

  • The goal of this special was to show what the cylons were attempting to do behind the scenes- what worked for them and what plans did not.
  • It starts with the original mini-series and jumps around throughout the run of the show.
  • The perspective and story is told from the’skin-job’ cyclons, primarily through Cavell played by Dean Stockwell.
  • There is a lot of footage used from the original series with additional ‘before and after’ footage. This helps set up what and why certain events happened.
  • Ultimately, there is a common thread that is revealed that explains how the cyclons plan was compromised that affected the outcome of the series.

Overall, I enjoyed this two-hour, sci-fi distraction. It brought an interesting perspective about the happenings on board the Galactica and helped fill in some unknown information. I wouldn’t say it brought startling revelations but some interesting twists. The Plan would ONLY appeal to hardcore BSG fans. If you have not seen the series then you would not like this movie. An after being off the air for a year, I would also say it was hard to remember a lot of the series details. So this might have been better served to be watched right after a fresh viewing of the 4 seasons. If anything, it just reminded me of how much I missed the series and how I wished it was still on. So for moderate to novice fan I would pass on this ‘fill in the blank’ back story tale. However, the BSG fans still in denial, check it out and re-live the dream….’so say we all!’

I give it a 3.5 Babbles out of 5


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