Invictus is an upcoming film about Nelson Mandela’s Presidency as he inspires to lead his county during the 1995 World Cup. Recognizing the racial division that separated South Africa, Nelson knew that the Rugby team could bring them together. This looks to be a perfect vehicle for te regal Morgan Freeman and the scrapper Matt Damon. With the sentimental power of Director Clint Eastwood, this is sure to be a powerful movie. Invictus comes out December 11th.



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6 responses to “Invictus

  1. faith

    Awesome! I can’t wait to see this!!!

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  3. I’ve played rugby for 9 years. Now I can’t because of an accident, but it is still my favourite sport.

  4. mattdavis4

    Hey,what did you think about the film? Nice site, you have a lot of cool posting here. I have only just started blogging, but here’s a link to a review I wrote on Invictus a while ago, if you fancy a look.

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