New Moon from a Twi-hard

A friend of mine and Twilight fan wrote a review of New Moon for BabbleOn. We thought it wouldn’t be fair not to get a perspective of a ‘Twi-hard’ and how the movies compare to the books. Thanks Ashleigh for your review! 

Tony asked me, a “twi-hard” fan, to write a review for New Moon.  I was more than happy to oblige.  After all, at this point, there is no shame.  I’m almost 30 years old, have three children and yes…I’ve read all of the books and already seen New Moon twice in the theater.  I told you.  No shame.

I actually saw the first movie before I read the books.  So I wasn’t one of those to lament on how much Twilight strayed from the original book.  I actually enjoyed the movie and then decided to read the books this summer.  And let me just stop and have a self-indulgent moment…THE BOOKS ARE FANTASTIC.  I know, I know…I am NOT the intended audience.  I found that out the hard way as I walked into a bookstore looking for the third book and was told they were in “teen fiction”.  Oh.  Got it.  Because…um…my niece just LOVES these books.  Thanks.

I digress.  But I devoured the books and was eagerly anticipating the release of this second movie.  To be honest, New Moon was actually my least favorite book of the four.  It was semi depressing and Meyer took a lot of time trying to build Jacob’s character since we didn’t see much of him in Twilight.  And during the middle third of the book, she switched from Bella’s perspective to Jacob’s.  I have always been on “Team Edward”, so the heavy focus on Jacob felt like I was just putting in time to get back to the REAL story.

Nevertheless, I gathered a few more middle aged moms and we purchased our midnight showing tickets.  Oh yes we did.  Right there next to the 13 year old girls who screamed every time Jacob took his shirt off.  The highlight of the whole experience was when the little girl next to me called me ma’am.  I still haven’t lived that one down.

New Moon not only did not disappoint, it brought the story to life in a way that didn’t make you roll your eyes…and that is no easy feat.  I found myself enjoying Jacob’s character, which is what Meyer’s intent was in the book, but I never really got there.  Taylor Lautner (who had to re-audition for the part of Jacob due to the dramatic physical change in his character between book one and two) did a fantastic job portraying the mature 16 year old who found it hard to hide his feelings for Bella.  He did a great job balancing the playfulness of a teenager and the responsibility of well…a werewolf. 

And the whole werewolf vampire thing is fine when you are sitting by a pool reading a book – but I definitely wondered how that would come off on-screen.  I mean, wolves the size of horses?  Vampires faster than speeding trains?  But the combination of EXCELLENT music and special effects made the supernatural not only fun to watch, but almost normal.  I thought for sure I would roll my eyes at the blurred visions of a red headed vampire running from werewolves, but that actually ended up being my favorite scene. 

Honestly, it felt like they actually had a budget.  The first movie was fine for what it was, but after watching the second you almost feel like they saw how successful the first was and decided to cut them a decent check this go around. 

There were very few things they changed from the book – and none of those things compromised the story at all.  Now granted, when you are reading some of the love story in the privacy of your own head it’s not embarrassing.  But then sitting amongst your peers and 13 year old girls, you realize that there is some cheese involved.  I’ll own that. 

But you know what, I like cheese.  I need a little cheese.  Not like, go the ballpark and order nachos and it comes out of that nasty silver machine like syrup.  But like, “would you like a little cheese with that glass of Chardonnay?”  Yes.  Yes I would like a little cheese.  Thank you for asking.

I give it a 5 out of 5 Babbles!!!

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Thanks Ashleigh, wow you might be the first reviewer to award a movie with 5 Babbles- but I sure you weren’t partial 😉 You can follow Ashleigh on Twitter @ash_carroll 



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10 responses to “New Moon from a Twi-hard

  1. So my wife is definitely a twi-hard. She is crazy about this entire series.

    Having seen both movies…I agree the second movie is better than the first.

    What actually made this movie enjoyable was good cinematography and really good music.

    I am not sure of the history of Babble giving, but 5 of 5 anythings though really is a stretch for New Moon, but a biased opinion is expected from such a twi-hard.

    What is funny…the theater in Midtown Memphis serves a wine and cheese combo.

    • Jeff

      Ok I have yet to see New Moon, but read my review of Twilight for my opinion. Of course I have to question the objectivity of Ashliegh’s review. 5 out of 5?!??! Seriously? That is like Shawshank Redemption or Private Ryan ratings. Still thanks for review! Good to hear from the “other” side.

      BTW -If I am not mistaken I think the only Babblon5 five babble rating went to ….

      Inglourious Basterds?

    • Tony

      John, sounds like it’s time for you to get some ‘Jacob abs’ for Ashliegh’s sake. Then you need to walk around the house in nothing but cut offs. Or you can stay out of the sun and go for pasty white skin look if you want to work the Edward angle. Either way you are screwed.

  2. salina johnson

    fantastic review ashleigh!! as a fellow twi-hard and midnight-viewer, i agree 100% with your review!! bring on the cheese.

    • Thanks Salina! I figure our hubbies should thank us that we get this out of our system and don’t expect them to say things like, “you’re the only reason for me to stay…alive…if that’s what I am.” haha.

  3. Tony

    Your passion and zeal reminds me of many, many hours of my life standing in line for almost a dozen Star Trek films. To me, even when they are bad they are still pretty good. So while I don’t share your stellar enthusiams for New Moon, I can appreciate the fanaticism.

    Thanks Ashliegh for the great review- it helped us reach a new daily record for BabbleOn 5 with over 600 visits on Sunday!

    • Ha. Well I didn’t stand in line, but I DID create a Twilight trivia quiz for my girlfriends before the movie. Let’s just say that one of my friends (that you know as well and who’s name might start with a T and end with -ona) actually knew Bella’s EXACT birthday. For real.

  4. Loc

    I like Twilight and I’m a dude. But the special effects were lacking from a guy’s perspective. They still didn’t do enough.

    • Curious to know what you would have added? The Volturi fight scene was actually NOT in the book. I feel like they were trying to add more effects with the addition of that scene. The third and fourth book have A LOT more fighting involved. Stay tuned.

  5. Great review Ashleigh (haven’t seen the movie yet, but love your take on everything). I’ll save my other thoughts for an email 🙂

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