Whats up Holmes?

“Come Watson, the game is afoot.” I used to love these words as a kid. Very few books captured my mind like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Many late nights were spent in bed reading of the exploits of the enigmatic and brilliant Holmes and his humble yet keen sidekick Dr. Watson. (The Hound of the Baskervilles gave my chills at night.)  Now they are being made into yet another movie and to be honest I am unsure what to think.

The cast looks great, with the terrific Jude Law playing the impeccable Dr. Watson and a reinvigorated Robert Downey Jr. as the one and only Mr. Holmes. However, I have to wonder, can Robert Downey Jr. pass for an Englishman? Rounding it off is famed Snatch director and former Madonna husband Guy Ritchie.

Additionally, judging from the preview, Holmes has quite a bit of physical prowess about him as well. While the Holmes of lore was in good shape and fairly well off physically he was no action hero by any means and it looks like Ritchie is instilling a lot of this his movie.

Lastly, the plot itself is disconcerting as it appears that Sherlock Holmes must fight against a cult determined to raise some sort of undead/vampire army. In these days of Twilight and True Blood fame and the raging popularity of Zombies, maybe it is a natural tie in. However Sherlock Holmes was never about the supernatural in fact he was quite the opposite. Holmes used logic and reason to prove what seemed to be the impossible as probable and left nothing up to black magic or the supernatural. He was the antithesis of this.

 Still, I have to admit, the movie looks pretty entertaining and I plan on seeing it. I expect that as with all books made into movies, the viewer will have to divorce themselves from the reading aspect and take some things with a grain of salt. Except maybe Twilight fans J

 I just wonder if they will include much of Holmes’ cocaine habit in the movie. and yes, I had to go there in the title of this blog post.

I would predict this to land somewhere around 3.5 Babbles.


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  1. Cool review from a well-read Holmesian!

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