Fantastic Mr. Fox

Late Thanksgiving thurs. I went out excited to see ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ after persuading a friend not to see Twilight: New Moon. I am relieved that I succeeded. Not only did I avoid wasting money seeing the terrible phenom known as Twilight, I manage to see one of the best movies this year.

The story simply is about a retired fox eager to make one last ‘heist’ before old age renders him unable. There is a lot to be said about how clever the dialogue was written. It was very smart, funny, articulate, and a bit quirky.

Fantastic Mr. Fox had so many elements packed into the film to enjoy and appreciate. Strong music, detailed animation or ‘claymation’, dialogue, and excellent voice talent. The film is absolutely humorous, well paced, and visually fun to watch. Wes Anderson has artistically adapted Roald Dahl’s brilliant story into a visual masterpiece that many will enjoy.

I would highly recommend seeing Fantastic Mr. Fox and for the added difficulty of making this genre of film a success I must add half a babble.


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