Hit from the Blind Side (Box Office Dec 4-6th)

The Blind Side comes back with an extremely strong 3rd week in release overtaking the juggernaut, Twilight: New Moon (both released on Nov 20th). It’s obvious that strong word of mouth and overall positive message helped bring its total to $130 million in just a few weeks. Twilight still beat all competitors raking in over $250 million domestically. However, it’s no doubt that The Blind Side took a ‘bite’ out of Twilight’s profits. Great to see a movie about hope and justice doing well at the theaters.

The Blind Side
Weekend gross: $20.4M
Twilight: New Moon
Weekend gross: $15.7M
Weekend gross: $9.7M
A Christmas Carol
Weekend gross: $7.5M
Old Dogs
Weekend gross: $6.9M


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2 responses to “Hit from the Blind Side (Box Office Dec 4-6th)

  1. QBall

    I haven’t seen The Blind Side yet but the story seems great. What’s really strange is that critics on Yahoo gave it a “C” but Yahoo users gave the movie an “A” and this is not typical. RT gave the movie 70% which is not great but the $$$ makes me wonder…

    Now the movie Brothers seems to be getting good reviews but didn’t deliver on the $$$ – things that make me go hmmmmmmmmm?

    Feliz Navidad 🙂

    • Tony

      What do critics know??? Oh wait, I am one of them…well, what do other critics know??? That’s why we launched this website, we couldn’t trust what was out there and wanted to provide an alternative.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Once you see Blind Side, let us know what you thought.

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