Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and hotness

In the strange saga of America’s obsession with Zombies perhaps the strangest twist by far is the phenomenon of Pride and Prejudice…and Zombies. Yes, you read it correctly. If you haven’t heard of this book that has been sweeping the nation then you soon will because it is going to become a major motion picture. When I first heard about this I just sort of shrugged. I thought maybe it will be good but probably not, that is until I just heard it announced who the leading lady will be. Take a guess anyone? Would you believe the one and only Natalie Portman? Now I’m totally in, not merely because she is freaking gorgeous, but generally speaking, she makes good movies. (Now, now, let’s not be so quick to point out Episodes 1-3.)

Consequently, this has spawned a whole series of Zombie remakes. Here are a few:

5. The Zombie’s Karamazov

4. War and Peace with Zombie’s

3. Zombie’s Progress

2. The Undead Heart of Darkness

1. Oliver Dark Twist

In order to capitalize on the trend, studio’s have even begun remaking movies with Zombie’s, here are some slated for 2011 and include, Inglourious Zombies, When Zombie Harry Met Undead SallyYou’ve Got Plague and of course, Dude, Where’s My Zombie?

Of course they were considering making a Zombie Star Wars Episode 2-3 but realized that Hayden Christiansen had pretty much already filled this roll.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is being produced by Lionsgate and set to release sometime in 2011.



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2 responses to “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and hotness

  1. Faith

    I am totally going to see this movie…! I have the book! Hilarious, Jeff!!!

  2. oh wow. Where have I BEEN? I needed to know about this. Thank you Babbleon5.

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