San Diego Comic Con 10

Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about Comic Con 10 (July 22nd-25th)! It’s the 41st anniversary and will no doubt be the biggest Con ever! The four-day passes sold out in record time already and hotels are getting tougher to get by the day. Last year, there was over 125K in attendance! The individual day passes go on sale tomorrow (Dec 15th) so don’t delay. You better get to the tickets before hordes of “Twi-hard” locust swarm in :).

Click here to buy individual day tickets (starting Dec 15th)

Check out posts and pics from last years Comic Con.

Listen to our Comic Con 09 podcast.

"Wonder Nerd powers activate!"



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2 responses to “San Diego Comic Con 10

  1. banjoandro

    Jeff, you look like you are punching tony in the kidney

  2. Tony

    Tix are selling faster than cold Romulan Ale on hot Vulcan day! Saturday passes are 3/4 sold, don’t delay my nerd peeps!

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