Bryan Singer returns to X-Men in class

Avatar continues to spread holiday joy to the nerd universe.
At the premiere of Avatar a couple of days ago, Bryan Singer finally confirmed rumors that he will return to the X-Men franchise. He has in fact just signed the deal with Fox to direct the next “Origins” film, which will reportedly look at the early days of Cyclops, Jean Grey and others at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. Singer helped launched a new era in superhero films with the wildly succesful X-Men and X-Men 2. He then brought the man of steel back to the big screen with Superman Returns. While X-Men 3: Last Stand (directed by Brett Ratner) was financially successful, fans missed Singers vision for the genre and will surely welcome him back with open mutant arms.

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner said this about X-Men Origins First Class:

So it’s young Scott, young Jean, young Beast and that’ll be really fun. I think (the plan) is to follow some of the characters into their own stories, and weave them back into the X-Men world. And hopefully First Class will become its own franchise and we can follow them as they grow up.


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