Nothing fake about Avatar at the Box Office

As anticipated, the world of Avatar ruled the universe at the box office with $73 million, $3 million more than experts predicted. Thursday night’s midnight showing was the highest ever 3-D opening with $3.5 Million. With positive reviews and strong word of mouth, Avatar will surely dominate throughout the holiday. The Princess and the Frog took a big hit down to $12.2 million. The Blind Side continues another strong weekend at $10 million bringing it’s total to almost $165 since it’s opening. Twilight is quickly dissappearing but not before raking in $274 million.

Weekend gross: $73M
Total Gross: $73M
The Princess and the Frog
Weekend gross: $12.2M
Total Gross: $44.7M
The Blind Side
Weekend gross: $10M
Total Gross: $164.7M
Did You Hear About the Morgans?
Weekend gross: $7M
Total Gross: $7M
Twilight: New Moon
Weekend gross: $4.4M
Total Gross: $274.5

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