CHUCK is back!

*no spoilers*

We don’t talk about TV shows too often but since we are all nerds, we can’t let this one pass without a nod.

The Babblers and a few friends got together last night to watch the premiere of CHUCK season 3 after being off the air for almost a year now. Threatened with cancellation, the only way it made it back for a third season was because of a fan campaign this past summer. Scrambling to put this new season into production, season 3 was delayed to this year. It’s been too long but better late than never.

In season 2, Chuck is programmed with the ‘intersect 2.0’ which allows him to instantly access super spy skills (ala Matrix) for a short period of time. The problem is that triggering the abilities is still unpredictable and Chuck’s roller coaster of emotions only complicate the matter. The past team with Agent Sara Walker and Agent John Casey are disbanding as Chuck explores his potential as the next generation uber-agent. However, with all these new abilities, will Chuck be able to bring the team back together or are they doomed to never see each other again?!?! Well, what do yo think?

Many of the same plot devices are re-introduced like the ever fragile relationship between Chuck and Sara, the political struggle at the Buy More, and the clueless but loyal best friend Morgan. Chuck is a great, light-hearted faire that pleases both the girls and geeks. You have to suspend some disbelief and just have fun with this show which is mix of Alias meets The OC. Chuck is largely successful because of the loveable characters. It’s perfectly casted and as hopeless as they are, you can’t help but root for them. For nerd, geeks, and freaks, this is a must see series. I own both seasons and will surely own this one someday. I give the new Chuck premiere a 4 out of 5 Babbles.

Chuck is on Monday nights at 9/8c. It’s not too late to get on board with Chuck. Even though it’s season 3, you won’t have trouble figuring out what’s happening. Check out the premiere episode: ‘Chuck verses the pink slip’ at

Here is my ‘Nerd Herd’ costume from our Chuck viewing party:



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6 responses to “CHUCK is back!

  1. Jeff

    Definately the best unwatched show on TV. It also has the smoking hotest girl on TV as well.

  2. Teresa

    Love Chuck!!!!

  3. Julie

    Did you see Monday’s episode yet? It was way better than Sunday’s episodes. crazy things are happening…

  4. Damn. I’m so far behind. Only discovered Chuck recently, but I gotta say I’m impressed.

    • Tony

      Yea its a great show. A nice balance of fun and serious. I was a late adopter too but caught up through DVD. Thanks for commenting!

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