Avatar IMAX 3D

I have to first apologize for my late review of James Cameron’s Avatar. By now, everything about this movie has been said by one critic or another.

Alright. Since seeing approximately 30 minutes of Avatar (in 3D) at this past year’s Comic Con in July, I could not stop telling people that this was the ‘movie of the year’ and that they HAD TO GO SEE IT. I became a part of a small minority of nerds that had seen something incredible. Unfortunately, I was met with skepticism, confused looks, disinterest, and patronizing nods. People kept asking, “The Last Airbender?” Which brought on a long explanation that this was NOT M. Night Shyamalan’s terrible looking Avatar: The last Airbender but James Cameron’s Avatar.

Finally, the midnight showing approached and I had not convinced more than one person to join me for this monumental event. Hours and hours later, walking out of the theater, I was speechless. I went home, slept, woke up again and saw it at 9am the following morning with another group of friends. As said before, the story isn’t very original. But visually, it was absolutely brilliant. I still consider the fact that Cameron wrote this script over 15 years ago, and if you think about films that released around that time (1995). Ferngully (1992), The Last of the Mohicans (1992), and Pocahontas (1995) all had similar premises.

So what’s the bottom line? Go see it. And see it in 3D. The experience is the most worthwhile on IMAX. It won’t translate the same to a home theater experience. My advice is to see it before it leaves Imax 3D.



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2 responses to “Avatar IMAX 3D

  1. You felt just about the same as I did. (I also blogged about a couple of times: http://imaprile.com. I saw it with my husband a few days before xmas, then again on xmas, then again just a couple of weeks ago. I, like you, was speechless after seeing this movie. I would not be surprised If I went to see it AGAIN before it leaves theaters!

    And btw, I know alot of people compare Avatar to other movies with similar story lines, however in my opinion this is completely different that ANYTHING we’ve ever seen and doesn’t even deserve to be put into the same category as the movies you mentioned. The “background” story I think Is what alot of people are failing to see. But, people will see what they want to see I guess.

    So glad you liked it too!


    • Tony

      Thanks April for visiting and commenting. It was an amazing movie. I still wish it had depth of character and story but I couldn’t deny the visual wonder of it. It’s truly a unique film that will probably launch a new generation of movie experiences. Thanks again!

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