Avatar = energizer bunny…


For a 6th straight week, Avatar has dominated the box office. Avatar’s run is reminiscent of the good ol’ days when movies like Star Wars and ET remained king of the box office for months at a time. Not only is it only 50 million short of the domestic record held by Titanic, its international sales has also been very strong. With it continually amassing profits for the next month, it looks like Cameron’s ‘Unobtainium’ of sinking his own record will become a reality. 

A smattering throw away movies didn’t stand a chance this weekend. Wolfman (Feb 10th) might be the first movie to challenge Avatar’s firstplace status anytime soon.

This Wk Title Dist. Weekend Gross Cumulative
1   Avatar 20th Century Fox $36,000,000 $552,797,000 6  
2   Legion Sony Pictures Releasing $18,200,000 $18,200,000 1  
3   The Book of Eli Warner Bros. Pictures $17,000,000 $62,003,000 2  
4   Tooth Fairy 20th Century Fox $14,500,000 $14,500,000 1  
5   The Lovely Bones Paramount Pictures $8,800,000 $31,624,000 7  

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