AVATAR breaks historic record!

January 26th, 2010 marks a significant day in the history of cinema. The 12-year-old world-wide record previously held by Cameron’s own Titanic has officially been sunk. Experts thought it would never happen considering today’s ‘fast food’ movie era in which the average theatrical run is about 6 weeks. The 1997 Titanic domestically and internationally made $1.84 billion. Today’s reports is that Avatar has made $1.85 billion and is still growing. Which is pretty impressive considering the current economic crunch. Titanic still retains the domestic record at just over $600 million. Avatar just climbed to #2 with $554 million bumping the Dark Knight to #3 with $533 million. It is projected that Avatar will make the domestic record within the next few weeks. Looks like 3-D is here to stay. Congrats Jimmy.

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