I see blue people…

After years of oppression, the blue community is finally vindicated with the success of Avatar. Blue people, unjustly enslaved to a life of servitude in the entertainment industry, are finally able to celebrate cinema domination with their Na’vi brethren from Pandora. After breaking the world-wide record last week, Avatar is just millions shy of breaking the all time domestic record of $600 million- the last stronghold held by Titanic. The ‘Blues’ creative voices will finally be legitimized and they will no longer be relegated to trivial children’s programming or Las Vegas shows. Although the Blue Man Group helped paved the way years early, Avatar’s enormous success has ushered in a new era in ‘blue rights’. Still yielding ‘opening day’ numbers at $30 million this past weekend, Avatar will no doubt hold this record for many years to come. Not only is this a celebration of the American dream but to the to red, white, and BLUE.  

This Wk Title Dist. Weekend Gross Cumulative
1   Avatar 20th Century Fox $30,000,000 $594,472,000 7  
2   Edge of Darkness Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution $17,120,000 $17,120,000 1  
3   When in Rome Walt Disney Studios Distribution $12,065,000 $12,065,000 1  
4   Tooth Fairy 20th Century Fox Distribution $10,000,000 $26,106,000 2  
5   The Book of Eli Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution $8,770,000 $74,373,000 3  

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  1. Jeff

    Where is Dr. Manhatten?

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