Robin Hood: Prince of Remakes



So if you look up Robin Hood on  IMDB, there are well over a dozen takes on this iconic character over the last several decades. From the legendary Errol Flynn’s take (My grandfathers favorite) to the animated Disney version (probably still my favorite)  or even the not-going-to-attempt-an-accent Kevin Cosner, Prince of Thieves version (Every piano players favorite, since they all know how to play Bryan Adams “Everything I Do”)  few characters over time have sparked our imaginations like Robin the Hood. Yours truly even dressed up as Robin Hood not once, but twice, for Halloween. First as a kid and secondly in college, although my later costume looked more like Peter Pan.  Whether it is his roguish charm or noble fight against injustice, he has always been a source of inspiration. Heck, stealing from the rich to give to the poor? You could argue he was the world’s first Democrat!

Now Ridley Scott is joining the bevy of filmmakers to tell this tale and so far it looks pretty good. The film is scheduled for release on May 14th and stars Russell Crowe as our hero. (He at least has an accent.) A brunette Cate Blanchet stars as maid Marion and Mark Strong plays Sir Godfrey. Here is a look a few different Robin Hood incarnations over the years.

"I personally knew your Grandfather in 1938!"

"My favorite Robin Hood"

"Duck, turn, twist, dodge, spin!"

"We're men, men in tights, tight tights!"



"Everything I do, I do it for you..."

"Just kidding."











"Russell Crowe as Robin Hood"

"Aka: Maximus Hood"











So all of these Robin Hoods has my asking this question. What character has the most films about him/her?

Discuss amongt yourself. (I would probably say Jesus)



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5 responses to “Robin Hood: Prince of Remakes

  1. I have all the faith in the world in Ridley Scott. Few directors are so daring to produce such films like Kingdom of Heaven. Certainly, he is my favorite director, and Robin Hood-as tried as the story may be- sounds like a good opportunity to reinvent the character in a positive way. I’m certain that this one will not disappoint.

    • Jeff

      Yeah, for the record I agree. Ridley Scott can make good movies and I really like the idea of sort of a prequel. Robin Hood makes a name for himself while fighting for England against France which should be interesting.

  2. You have a good eye for quality in film, and I admire that. I should have known Scott was a director you enjoyed.

  3. Julie

    I love that animated version! You forgot to mention the BBC series “Hood” which was great for the first 2 seasons then terrible.

    • Jeff

      Yeah I actually had an image ready from the BBC show but decided not to place due to A. I was mainly sticking to movies (except daffy duck) and B. I was having enough trouble getting the images I had placed correctly.

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