Predators Trailer

The gnarly, dreadlock wearin ‘Alien’ hunter is back and this time he brought friends. Foreign film director, Antal Nimrod (Amoured and Vacancy), will be leading the charge in this sequel(?) about a group of elite human warriors that are hunted by members of a merciless alien race known as Predators. Surprisingly, the cast is stacked with well known actors such as Topher Grace, Adrien Brody,and Laurence Fishburne. Even though this will be written and produced by Robert Rodriguez, I have my doubts. The Predator legacy has been less than stellar and a relatively unknown director doesn’t give me much promise. Let’s hope that this edition coming out July 7th will change that.

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  1. I’m certain that everyone has their own doubts about this, especially considering the mentally offensive Aliens Versus Predator films. However, I have heard that this particular film, Predators, was supposed to be the original Predator 2, in the vein of Alien and Aliens. The studio rejected the script, we got Danny Glover in a hasty Predator 2, and now that the AvP films raped everything that the two franchises originally built, the studio went back to the original Predators script.

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