Anaheim Comic Con ’10 pics

All dressed up and nowhere to go...

A few of us from BabbleOn attended the 1st Annual Anaheim Comic Con today. As a faithful follower of the godfather version in San Diego, I was compelled to go and support the local nerd arts. Overall it was a fine experience but a significant less impressive floor than SDCC as well as panel options. It’s a lot of the same merchandise repeated in the showroom and very few unique treasures to find. Unfortunately, what Anaheim lacks are the large set pieces that brings the ooohs and aaaahs. But the droves of overweight and out of shape heroes still showed up in support. We didn’t attend any of the limited panels but there was a pretty extensive gathering of B-list actors there to meet and greet. A con this size does create easier accessibility if you are interested in meeting stars of the past. Still, I love the people, toys, and stars. Overall, I’m glad we went but it just wet my appetite for the ‘mother of all cons’ in July.
I give this a Con a 2.5 out of 5 Babbles

I will be doing a few posting of pics from the day, first are my costumed collection: 

Ladies, you do not want to go on a date with this guy...even if he is a doctor.

This little guy is definitely the 'black sheep' of his family.

Spidey, put your sissy web goo away and let me bust a cap in this guy

Man, not these two again. They crash all these parties...

The Angel of Death from Pan's Labyrinth pretty cool

From an onset of sudden excitedment, this little kid's head exploded one second later

If you squint and study this picture carefully, you can make out a ninja in the foreground.

Poor Vader is having a 'bad hair day'

"Grumble, gnarl, mumble mumble..." Translation: "Can anyone recommend a good speech therapist?"



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2 responses to “Anaheim Comic Con ’10 pics

  1. Ron Jordan

    Hey Tony, Jeff & Babblers
    I think the next Comic Con you attend you should take some special snacks for the characters.
    For example,I think Spiderman would enjoy a box of nice juicy flies and other assorted bugs dipped in chocolate. There are thousands of bugs you could choose to dip. Think how excited
    he will be to select one, not knowing what treat awaits his taste buds. After all, “Life is like a box of choiclates…”

    • Haha, you know, that is one thing that was never discussed. If Spiderman has all the Spider abilities. How come he never aquired a taste for insects? You may be on to something Dad, as pretty much any food is better then the convention food. It would also give a whole new meaning to the term Roach Coach.

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