Thor’s first movie still

Yahoo recently posted this picture of Chris Helmworth (Star Trek) as Thor. I have to say that I think it has potential. Although, the sleeve does look like cheap fabric instead of metal. What do you all think? *Leave your comments below.



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3 responses to “Thor’s first movie still

  1. Tony

    Doesn’t look half bad. Thor is going to be tough to pull off, but if they treat is seriously then it could be pretty epic. Costume looks ok- can’t wait to see the full getup.

  2. I wouldn’t have been too optimistic, but the greatness of Iron Man and The Hulk has me feeling that Marvel Movies are going to continue to get better. I’m fearing the sales may not be very high though, as Helmworth doesn’t have the star power of Downey and Norton.

    • The other tough sell for Thor is that he speaks in Old English. That is going to be really hard to pull of without it sounding cheesy or like Dungeons and Dragons.

      On another note, we should all grow our hair long to go see it.

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