Sex and the City 2

OMG this looks like SO much fun!

Here is  a movie that is already getting some series Oscar buzz,  Sex in the City 2, lost in Abu Dhabi, which I am guessing any guy who sees this will wish he was. Personally I can’t wait to see which one of us Babblers has to go see it. I think we should make a bet, and whoever loses has to go, alone.

Okay in all fairness, we should probably find a female to review the new adventures of Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda for us since, just like Twilight, I can’t take this movie seriously

Somehow on a vacation in Abu Dhabi, they happen to run into Adrian, and from there, who knows what could happen? Really, why are these four women going to vacation in Abu Dhabi? Out of all the other chic places in the world, and how do they also run into Aidan at the same time in this desert landscape we will never know.

I picture it as a cross between Aladdin and Sinbad but at least Jasmine had depth. The tag line for the move is Carrie on, but maybe it should just as well be we could Carrie-less.



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9 responses to “Sex and the City 2

  1. Tony

    Thanks Jeff so successfully alienating the 2-3 female fans of BabbleOn 5! Ladies, please come back, he didn’t mean it!

  2. Sure no prob! Alienating women is what I do best! Anytime!

  3. Angela P

    Jeff, let’s go watch it together. I thought you liked cougars. They’re cougar-esque. And then we can get our nails done.

    • Tony

      We don’t get many of you kind (girls) on our site. Thanks for commenting! Yea, Jeff needs a day at the spa.

    • Yeah, they are couger-esque…at what age do you become a “couger” good question. Maybe after our hike, and we are all hot and sweaty, our Malawi team can go. It can be Trex in the City.

  4. I could take Jeff any day. SITC was wonderful on so many levels.

    • Tony

      Ha ha ha. Yes, you could April. Thanks for commenting. Some one write a review of SITC for us!!!

    • Oh please, please, please take me. Then you could explain all the fashion rules I don’t understand, the jokes about cocktails, the subtle looks women give each other that means all sorts of things, none that I can figure out, and other such nuissances os SITC.

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