Lost Finale recap

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The past six years of ABC’s “Lost” — from the arrival on the island to every tragic death — have all been leading up to this.

Desmond and Sayid’s quest

The finale began in beautiful fashion, with a wonderful shot of the Oceanic cargo containing Christian Shephard‘s body. Desmond, who had brought Kate along for the ride, agreed to sign off on the casket.

As we already know, Desmond and Hurley are on a mission to get everyone to remember the “other” life on the island. Hurley, who took Sayid out of prison, attempted to convince him to stick around. Of course, the moment Hurley stuffed Charlie tranquilized body into the back of his hummer, our resident torture expert probably wanted to change his mind.

The next revelation to come on the show wasn’t from them, though — it was Sun and Jin, who remembered the other world after Juliet came into their hospital room to show them the Ultrasound results on their baby girl.

We stay in the hospital now with Jack, who was about to put John Locke under the knife for his surgery. We then learned that in this world Jack and Juliet were once married, and the two discussed letting their son attended a concert with Claire.

But then, we moved back to the driving force of the sideways world. Hurley gave Sayid a pep talk about being himself, but it was all part of a plan to have him reunite with Shannon. Remember Shannon? It’s been so long, but Sayid’s island romance has now found its way back into the show.

Charlie wakes up in the dressing room for his concert gig, where we also see Faraday and Charlotte meet up. Claire and Kate also reunite, and Charlie sees the “girl of his dreams” for the first time. Sounds about perfect timing for Claire to have her baby!

Kate being there for Claire having the baby produced her “island moment,” while Claire received hers the moment she held Aaron in her arms. Charlie came back, and (don’t you know it!) he quickly was reconnected to the woman he loved.

The island confrontations intensify

Jack quickly tried to relay his instructions to everyone on how to get to “the heart of the island,” which was the one place he needed to keep the Man in Black away from. Hurley (as per usual) proclaimed this was a bad idea.

Meanwhile, Sawyer was sent to try and pull Desmond out of the well, but he was quickly met by the M.I.B’s Locke reincarnation and Ben. Sawyer was able to escape, but Locke was still convinced that his goal would be granted.

Desmond’s other story

Desmond on the island was quickly a story of everything we forgot about. First, we saw Vincent waking him up — then, we learned that Rose and Bernard were the two that were taking care of him. They told him that he needed to leave immediately after he was better (as it was their rule to avoid drama). Unfortunately, drama came right to their doorstep.

Lock showed up with a threat to make Desmond “do whatever he wants,” and he went along with it in order to protect Rose and Bernard.

On to the light

Sawyer came back to break the news about the island, but Jack quickly informed him that the plan wasn’t changing. They were all heading to the exact same place regardless, and when Locke showed up this was made even more apparent. Jack informed Locke of some of his plan, and for the first time all season Smokey actually looked a little nervous.

That started to change, though, as Locke made a demand that strangely everyone followed — only going into the bamboo with Jack and Desmond. Everyone started to go into the light together, and they tied a rope around Desmond before doing so. However, the “brother” was the only one that really understood what could be on the other side: a world where the plane crash never happened. The sideways world! Desmond is the only one who can connect the two.

Desmond began to slowly descended into the light, and we soon realize that there actually is something down there — a giant rock that strangely reminds me of Indiana Jones. Upon immediately taking it out, he quickly realizes that something is wrong. The light started to fade, and the island quickly turned to the underworld.

At first, it looked like John Locke was actually getting what he wanted. However, there was a flaw in this plan — by extinguishing the light, he was now mortal.

Richard and Miles — still about the plane

During all of this madness, Richard was still convinced that the only way to really defeat the Man in black in this world was to blow up the plane. He convinced Miles to join him, which led to the two of them paddling out over to Hydra Island to recover the plane.

In the water, they made a startling discovery — Frank, who wanted them to still fly off the island and leave Locke there. Then, they had their next unexpected guest in Claire, who was more than convinced at first that Richard and company were working with Locke. She didn’t do anything to them, and just walked away.

Things fall apart

With the island without its light, everything really did begin to crumble — was the prophecy of it sinking going to happen? For everyone not named Jack or Locke, this meant major trouble. Ben was trapped under a tree trunk, and Miles and Richard attempted to contact them while the plane was getting ready to fly.

Ben knew a way for everyone to get everyone over — his boat — but they still had to find a way to make it happen.

Locke was about ready to board it when Jack confronted him, and thus began the fight we’ve all been waiting for all these years. It was every bit as epic as we expected, with Jack first getting stabbed as they rolled around on a cliffside.

Just when it all looked like it would be over for Jack, Kate came up and shot Locke in the back. The darkness was over, and Locke’s body went bouncing down the rock.

The sideways aftermath

This scene connected directly back to the sideways world, where we saw Jack feel the “scar” on his neck (possibly caused by their fight). Locke had suddenly recovered from spinal surgery, and was ready at the moment to jump up and get on his way — after all, feeling his toes caused him to regain his memory of his other life.

Sawyer, unfortunately, was one of the few people who didn’t know what was going on still — so he was confused when Sun and Jin said they would “see him there.” Or, at least he was that way until he ran into Juliet and planted a kiss on her after a funny moment involving an Apollo bar.

Jack arrived at the concert to pick up his son, and he quickly ran into Kate instead. Was Kate the woman who would make him remember? Of course! The two went off to the same “unknown destination” everyone was heading off to.

“It’s over,” almost

Back on the island, we knew these people still had a long road ahead of him. Miles and Richard were still trying to fix his plane with Frank, while everyone else was simply just trying to get off of the island before it sinks.

In the end, though, Jack realized that he still had a responsibility to the island — he didn’t want to leave. Hurley and Ben (who apparently hate the real world so much that they can’t bear to look at it) also decided to stay behind. This led to Kate and Jack having a tearful goodbye, and Jack limping off with his cut stomach to save the island and restore the balance of good to the world.

Jack knew that it was likely a suicide mission, and so he entrusted the job of protector to Hurley. He found Desmond at the bottom still alive, but continued to take the responsibility on his own. He placed the stone back in, but then began to slowly die as the water poured back in and the light started to shine…or did he?

Sawyer and Kate didn’t have much time to mourn — instead, they had to swim out to the boat while Frank managed to get the airplane up and running. Not only did they manage to make it, but they also convinced Claire to come on board in order to see her son.

The end

Watching the final few minutes of this episode, it is difficult to even describe how beautifully-done it truly was. Jack managed to crawl back out into the jungle, and as he continued forward we were shown footage of the sideways world.

The final destination was a church — one where everyone finally met up in one place. Ben was the only person who didn’t enter, and it was a decision he made independently (though I’m really not sure why). Inside, Jack ran into his father, who was surprisingly alive. Or, as you could instead say, they were all surprisingly dead.

Everyone dies sometime, and this church was the meeting of their souls before they moved on. So what was this sideways world, really? In many ways, it was a chance for every person to forget what they had “Lost” in their mundane lives.

As they all came together to celebrate each other’s company, Jack fell down in the exact same place in which he woke up after the plane crash. Vincent came and sat down beside him, and the plane flew overhead as his eye closed.

What an incredibly moving look at life, death, forgetting, and remembering. Never again will there be a show like “Lost.” Ever.

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2 responses to “Lost Finale recap

  1. I wanted LOST to end more like “Hot Tub Time Machine” – the final timeline is the good one,but they remember everything else that happened and is now no longer real.

    Maybe Jack (or better, Ben) cd have done something w/ the light and somehow caused the whole “Island” timeline to have never happened. So the timeline where everyone is alive, the plane never crash, Ben is a teacher, etc. is real, but everyone remembers their time on the island, etc.

    Barring that type of scenario, I can see how they choices they made are kinda “the next best thing.” Ok, how can we kill the smoke monster, save the island and ultimate have everyone back together again even though half of most of the couples are dead? Well, we kill the smoke monster and some people get off the island, but also everyone has to die (at some point) so they can all be together again.

    I kinda wish they had just ended it when Jack said “I died too.” We didn’t need the whole thing coated in the queso that was the church scene: “Ok, people, everyone look around in amazement or longingly into someone’s eyes… and have a goofy grin… goofier!”

    The new Shrek movie did it too: alternate timeline, changes cause it to never happen, but they remember it (well, at least Shrek does).

    No biggie either way. It was a great roller coaster ride of a show and that’s what I loved so much – I wasn’t too concerned w/ how it pulled into the station.

    • Tony

      Great thoughts! Yes, it was a great show and there will not be anything like it again. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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