A lot of sex this weekend…

Congratulations to Hollywood for the worst Memorial Day weekend in over 15 years due to a lack of originality and predictable storytelling. Looks like 4 princesses beat a prince in a battle in the desert for the 2nd place spot at the box office. The over-hyped and over-effected Prince of Persia: Sands of Time came in at a disappointing third right behind the ‘girl-power’ Sex in the City 2. Female legions were out in full support even though ‘Sex’ was universally panned by critics. Shrek 4 managed to remain on top for a 2nd straight week but has performed well under Shrek 3 show clear evidence that the franchise should come to a close. Iron Man also stays within the top 5 in it’s 4th week. It looks to end its run just over $300 million. Splice opens next week, let’s hope some fresh blood will rejuvenate this mess of a weekend.

This Wk   Title Dist. Weekend Gross Cumulative
1   Shrek Forever After Paramount Pictures $43,345,000 $133,095,000 2  
2   Sex and the City 2 Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution $32,125,000 $32,125,000 1  
3   Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Walt Disney Studios Distribution $30,170,000 $30,170,000 1  
4   Iron Man 2 Paramount Pictures $16,035,000 $274,612,000 4  
5   Robin Hood Universal Pictures $10,305,000 $83,024,000 3  


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2 responses to “A lot of sex this weekend…

  1. Saw Shrek 4 this weekend and Iron Man 2 a couple weeks ago. Both good, but nothing too great.

    Shrek’s “sequel formula” of “take his wife/family away only to get it back later” was stale 2 movies ago. The only twist in this movie was that it wasn’t b/c of his lack of self-confidence, but b/c of his unappreciative attitude of what he had.

    It had a few chuckle moments, but overall… eh.

    • Tony

      Thanks Bear for your thoughts. You should write up a full review for Shrek- You know your movies and we’d love to hear more. Let me know!

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