Two for the Making!

So with the movie MacGruber now behind us and with the upcoming TV-to-movie action flick the A-Team around the corner, it seems Hollywood has fallen in on hard times coming up with new ideas, so they revert to the old tried and true. Some are comedies like MacGruber and Starsky and Hutch, others are action flicks like the A-Team and some are just aweful like Transformers 2 and G.I.Joe (Of course these were also toys and comic books as well a TV series.) There is even the incredibly successful TV reworking of the Battlestar Galactica.  So all of this had me thinking, what other old favorite shows would I love to see made into a new movie or TV series. Here are a couple:

Airwolf- Stringfellow Hawke, Dominic Santini and one badass black and white helicopter. Who didn’t love this cold war era, top secret government project that kept us all safe and from harm? Literally our household would shut down every week for the airing of Airwolf and we were never disappointed. I can even remember playing “Airwolf” as a kid on the playground at school. Somehow I was always Dominic Santini and never got to be Stringfellow Hawke, but at least I didn’t have to be female sidekick Caitlin O’Shannessey that entered the series in season 2. This also sparked endless debates over which was better between us “Airwolfers” vs. the “Blue Thunderers” even to the point of our school teacher forbidding us to talk about it anymore during class. I pick this series for a movie remake.

Buck Rogers – With the smash success of the new Battlestar Galactica show this old series is begging for a recast. Originally made as a movie by Universal to capitalize on the success of Star Wars, with initial box office success it soon made it’s way into a TV series and into my imagination forever. Even though it only lasted about two seasons I loved this show and watched it endlessly. I even owned the toy Buck Rogers spaceship. I loved the old school swagger and sway of space cowboy Buck Rogers, the daring adventures of his hot commander and sometimes love interest Wilma Deering and of course, we could never forget the fun and friendly robot with an attitude Twiki and his cohort Dr. Theopolis? But the fun doesn’t stop there! Let’s not forget to include the sultry sexiness of the seductive Draconian Princess Ardala, whose aim was to conquer the earth while making Buck her mate for life. Of course the big debate at the time was Wilma or Ardala? I usually chose Ardala, she hot, trashy and powerful, who could ask for anything else in a gal?  I am dying to see this made into a new TV series like BSG, incidentally both shows were created by Glen A. Larson.

Additions to this list would have included MacGyver as well, but MacGruber beat me to it. I was also thinking of a Diff’rent Strokes recast, but with the short life of Gary Coleman (get it?) it just doesn’t seem right. I even thought about the Rockford Files, but it is to classic and well done and there is no way you can replace the smooth talking street smarts of James Garner. Oddly enough, I found this image of a Buck Rogers episode featuring Gary Coleman, best cross over ever?

Is Arnold checking out Twiki?

So sweet Babblonians I leave you with this question. What old TV shows would you like to see recast and in what format? Please discuss freely.

Update: After writing this I read online that there is tentatively a Buck Rodgers moving in the works. Not much is known about it but the name of Frank Miller has been closely associated with it so far.



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11 responses to “Two for the Making!

  1. dinosaurs
    small wonder
    21 jumpstreet
    golden girls
    step by step
    family matters
    boy meets world

  2. I totally forgot about Another World. Passions was a horrible replacement for that soap.

  3. The monkeys.
    Fall guy
    Muppet show

    • Fall Guy could be good. The Monkeys could be awesome if you did it as a comedy making fun of itself like Starsky and Hutch. They supposedly are working on a Chips movie. What about a reworking of Ernest Goes to Camp!

  4. I’ve heard a new Bill & Ted’s may be in production.

    I’d like to see a remake of the dirty dozen, although some similar movies have been done recently.

    I think you took all the rest of mine.


  5. UHF should be re-made!
    Spatula city SPATULA CITY!!!

    • Scott

      Andrew, remaking UHF would be like remaking a Salvador Dali painting — It’s just not possible to reimagine something so imaginative! But kudos for remembering a great film.

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