Fan-made AVENGERS posters

With IRON MAN 2’s multiple (and excessive) references to the upcoming 2012 AVENGERS, the mania for this ensemble superhero extravaganza is blowing up like a nuclear bomb. Can it possibly live up to the hype? Here a couple of great fan-made posters imagining the AVENGERS assembling for the first time. I’m sure many more are to come. With Joss Whedon attached to the project, it dramatically increases the chances that it won’t suck (he rocks!). Does this get you excited?:



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2 responses to “Fan-made AVENGERS posters

  1. These images have me geeking out in my living room! The characters, the ACTORS, & JOSS WHEDON!?! It will take at least two years for me to try to lower my expectations enough to enjoy this movie. Can’t wait!!!

    • Tony

      Yea, I am skeptical that they can get everything right including Avengers. With Joss’ love of character develpment and good story, he’s the perfect director to take on this monumental task. Crossing fingers.

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