Kicking A-Team?

Recently I posted a Babble about TV shows I would (probably) like remade into movies or new TV series. This was, of course, prompted by the A-Team movie that us Babblers saw on Friday night. It was with fear and trepidation that I went into this movie, afraid that Hollywood would ruin one of the most beloved titles of my youth. So the verdict? Well they didn’t do a great job with it, but it wasn’t bad either.

Okay, the action was ridiculously over the top, and I mean ridiculously, but the A-Team was always a little over the top. The good part however, is that the films cast and crew KNEW it was over the top, and instead of trying to get you to buy into something as serious attempt at an action movie, they just rolled with it and had fun along the way. The film definitely did not take itself to seriously.

While recreating such venerable characters as Murdock, Face, Hannibal and B.A. Baracus one had to take care not to mess them up to bad and for the most part the movie did a really good job. Liam Neeson, while always a good actor, makes a decent Hannibal Smith. He doesn’t quite have the swagger and attitude of the original but he is good enough. I thought Bradley Cooper did an incredibly good job as Face, and best of all was Sharlto Copley (from District 9 fame) as the mad Murdock. He was good, really good and brought a lot of life to the movie. Unfortunately Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was largely forgettable as B.A. Baracus, who never really lived up to the Bad-Ass Mofo that the original Mr. T played so well. Oddly enough, in a strange plot twist he undergoes Zen enlightenment and decides he can’t justify killing people anymore.  It was a strange twist and completely unnecessary and I pity the fool.

Best part of the movie was that the writers completely nailed the camaraderie of the team as the interacted with each other. The dialogue between them felt genuine like, an old group of friends who knew each other well and had been together a long time, and that is what really saves the movie.

I did learn one important fact through this movie. The A in A-Team apparently stands abs, as in Bradley Coopers, which every girl in America seems to love. Every time I hear a girl mention that they want to see this movie it is in the context of Bradley Cooper and his abs, which now that I think about it there were quite a few shots of him shirtless. Now I know why.

So in short, go see this one with the guys, girls go drool with the girls, hang out, have fun, relive the 80’s but don’t take it to seriously.

I give this one 2.5 Babbles out of 5.



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7 responses to “Kicking A-Team?

  1. 2 things I remember about the old show:
    1. No bad guy ever died – they always showed them crawling out of the car crash – running away from the massive gunfight, etc.
    2. Lots of shots of people flying through the air after launching off of off-camera trampolines.

    • Well you also have to remember that no bad guy ever died in ANY show in the 80s. I mean COBRA troops parachuting out of helicopters? Airwolf, Knight Rider, you name it, they all lived.

      • Tony

        Unfortunately, there were some heroes from the 80s that would never die either like Alf, Mr. Belveder, the robot girl from Small Wonder, and Balky from Perfect Strangers.

  2. It was a mostly fun movie: good characters and action. Good devices for the planning and execution of the plans.


    I’m not sure I liked the “change of heart” BA has at the end. I know the expected reaction wd be that I’d be all happy and inspired when BA brutally kills a guy w/ his bare hands… I didn’t feel it. So the mohawk effectively means: I have no problem killing people… bad people.

    • Tony

      Yea, I agree. I thought they treated their ‘strongest’ character with the weakest storyline. That felt more like a sequel arc than the first movie. I also didn’t like that we were expected to celebrate that the killing machine is back. Thanks Bear!

    • Yeah, nice point. Really the whole thing with BA and zen etc was just weird. They should have just left it out altogether. If he kills a bad guy he kills a bad guy, if he doesn’t he doesn’t but they shouldn’t waffle between them.

  3. kelly graham

    I agree- it was a super fun summer movie… and yes I drooled over Bradley Cooper

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