The Toys are back in town

As anticipated, Toy Story 3 completely dominated the box office this past weekend. Not only did it easily dominate the box office, but made $109 million, making it Pixar’s highest grossing launch ever, is a triumph that the people at CGI-animation headquarters are undoubtedly celebrating in their ultra-colorful, creativity-fostering pseudo-cubicles. Its success also meant that ticket revenues were up 29 percent over the same time period last year. Karate Kid got kicked back in to second but was still able to cross over into 100 million dollar land. Everything else lost a lot of momentum as a result of Pixar’s cash magnet. The DC Jonah Hex got shot square between the eyes landing in 7th place with a measly $5 million. With nothing major opening soon, Toy Story will surely continue it’s domination till Twilight (July 16th).

This Wk Title Dist. Weekend Gross Cumulative
1   Toy Story 3 Walt Disney Studios Distribution $109,000,000 $109,000,000 1  
2   The Karate Kid Sony Pictures Releasing $29,000,000 $106,254,000 2  
3   The A-Team 20th Century Fox Distribution $13,775,000 $49,797,000 2  
4   Get Him to the Greek Universal Pictures $6,117,000 $47,857,000 3  
5   Shrek Forever After Paramount Pictures $5,520,000 $222,977,000 5  

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