Tony’s Audition for the Comic Con Documentary

As a proud Babbler and total nerd, I am auditioning for the upcoming documentary on Comic Con called Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope. It is being shot on location this year. The purpose of the doc is to follow around a few Comic Con fanatics as they are immersed in the amazing four day experience. Being produced by the legendary Stan Lee and visionary creative Joss Whedon, this documentary is sure to honor the ‘nerd arts’ and capture the spirit of the annual Comic Con. It is also being directed by talented storyteller Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me. My dream is to highlight BabbleOn 5 and share our team’s passion for the best event of the year- the San Diego Comic Con.
Show your support by clicking on this YouTube vid and leaving a positive comment. Thank you!

Learn more about the documentary on Morgan Spurlock’s page.



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6 responses to “Tony’s Audition for the Comic Con Documentary

  1. Johnny

    AWESOMENESS! super PROUD and just slightly embarrassed.. great job on your vid dude!

    • Tony

      Yea, it’s a little embarrassing for us all but I guess that comes with taking risks. Thanks so much for your encouragement- please make sure to leave positive comment on the actual YouTube page, I think it will help. It would be awesome to get BabbleOn in the doc! Thanks bro!

  2. Awesome job! They really sd pick you and I hope they do.

    You sd have thrown a little something random in there like “Oh, and here’s my collection of vintage fireworks I like to carry around under my coat.” Then they’d think something crazy might happen and they’d get it on tape!

    • Tony

      Thanks Bear. Maybe I should have claimed to have Tourette Syndrome to make it more inteesting. Thanks for commenting and for your support!

  3. de

    Dude, I just finally saw this and it was really awesome. I wish I had prepared better. Perhaps, then I would have been able to join you guys, but for the second year in a row, I’m gonna miss the day of all days. And you know I totally agree with the whole nerds rule thing. I even made a shirt about it, remember? Let’s do one for next year and cross promote babble on 5 and me. I think we can do something really cool. Hit me up man.


    • Tony

      I know dude, I can’t believe you are missing it again. PLAN on next year! Yes, we can cross promote in the future. Thanks for your encouragement and watching!

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