Is Despicable Me Despicable?

Proof Twinkies CAN go bad!

So I went to see Despicable Me a couple of nights ago, oh it was also in 3D if that wets your whistle at all.

First of all the little minions look like Twinkies and made me hungry during the movie.

Steve Carrel plays Gru, a failed evil villain with a German accent who looks a little like a fat version of the critic from Ratatouille. Gru has not had many successful plots, is seen as sort of a joke and is in series debt with the Bank of Evil. Gru however, has one good heist up his sleeve if he can just pull it off. That trick? Shrinking the moon and holding it for ransom. The main problem is that the bank has turned on Gru and now he has to compete with the young and energetic Vector.

Through a series of attempts to steal the shrink ray from Vector he adopts three little orphan girls who come live with him in his villain lair. You can probably predict what happens next. The cruel, hardhearted Gru begins to develop a soft spot for the three orphans.

Soon Gru must decide between fulfilling his dream or caring for the little girls. When he attempts to balance the two disaster strikes and the girls are returned to the orphanage as Gru grows to hate himself. Eventually he must find a way to defeat Vector and make amends.

The movie dragged at times it was okay at best. It is a cute story (yes, I said it) but more or less predictable. It had a few funny moments but to be honest, I just felt like I had scene it all before. I will say Steve Carell does a great German accent and you really couldn’t tell it was him but it can’t save the movie. The 3D didn’t add a whole lot and seemed  sort of tacked on, except during the credits when the minions try to “reach” the audience.

Okay I know this movie is doing well on Rotten Tomatoes, holding steady at 80% and I have talked to some other people who liked so maybe it is just me or maybe I was on to much allergy meds to enjoy it. (I was pretty doped up and my head felt like it was in a vice grip.) That being said it just felt to cliche and left me with a “cute but meh” feeling.

In the end I would say save this for a matinee or dollar movie. It’s not despicable but it is predictable. I give it 2.5  Babbles.



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4 responses to “Is Despicable Me Despicable?

  1. I liked it. I thought it was clever, original, touching and funny.

    The animation was great and the personalities were classic, over-the-top and each one stood out.

    The story of his change of heart w/ the girls seemed genuine and shined thru the otherwise fun/silly plot.

    It was somewhat predictable, but I think the making a predictable story good is often the real goal – what kids/animation story isn’t predictable? Shrek is the most predictable story: every one is the same! Shrek feels unworthy, he wants the girl/family/kids but they’re taken away and (shock!) he gets her/them!

    I agree it wasn’t the funniest movie – it cd have used more laughs. But it had some and didn’t go for the cheap/easy laughs which I respected.

    • Yeah, most of the people I talked to enjoyed this one more then I seemed too. I think the main problem is that I had pretty high expectations going in and it turned out to be more of a cute movie. As for originality, while I agree children movies (and many adults) are predictable overall, they can be set in a more original setting, like Shrek etc, or maybe the writing was just better.
      Anyhow thanks for balancing out my review!

      • Good points. Yes, I can see how the setting wasn’t the most original, but that goes for “Surfs Up”, “Ratatouille”, etc. Not that you’re saying those are comparable or anything.

        This same thing happened to me w/ “Toy Story 3” – man, I LOVED the first one and 3 is pretty lame IMO. Not funny, creepy/intense (for kids), sad, etc.

  2. Julie

    this sounds like like Dr. Horrible… do they break into song in this one too?

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