Showtime to announce Dexter spin off!

New York, NY – Showtime, in conjunction with its parent company CBS, has announced a new spin off to its hit Golden Globe winning show Dexter. The show, entitled Poindexter takes place in York, England and follows the life of a member of the English minor nobility who is also a serial killer. We sat down with Mathew C. Blank, CEO of Showtime to pick his brain about the new series.

Q. So Mathew, tell us about the inspiration behind this new show?

“The idea we had was to capitalize on the success of CSI and all it’s spin off’s such as CSI Miami, CSI New York and CSI Branson and apply it to our other hits. The basic concept of the show follows the ever day life of the English aristocrat Poindexter Morgan, possibly a distant relative of Dexter, and his attempts to live life as a serial killer.”

Q. So what else do we need to know about this show?

“Just like Dexter, Poindexter will live by a code as well. He will pull from his great English heritage and only be able to kill members of the lower class peasantry. It will usually be for such reasons as hunting on royal lands or being unable to pay their debts.”

Q. Will he have a ritual?

“Oh yes, of course he will but we haven’t fully worked it out yet. It will probably involve a secret medieval torture chamber located beneath his country estate. We haven’t ruled out letting the peasant go free on his land and Poindexter releasing his hounds to hunt them down. That could make for some riveting television as well.”

Q. What about his family and past? What drives him?

“Good question. Really the fact he is English royalty should be enough to explain away any bizarre  obsessions. I mean they are all slightly inbred you know. That being said, the aristocracy has had a long history of oppression of the lower classes and we think we can pull upon that to create some disillusionment on his part. That is the desire to see the royals rise back up over Parliament.”

Q. So any secrets you want to tease us with?

“Well I don’t want to give to much away, but let’s just say there is a chance he finds out his bloodline isn’t as pure as he thinks it is and the results could drive him mad.”

Sounds very tantalizing indeed and we can’t wait to watch this surefire hit. Thanks Mathew for the interview, we really appreciate your time. Poindexter is set to air this fall on Sunday nights at 10 P.M. only on Showtime.


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