Day 1 of Comic Con

For the first time, the outside Hall H line was completely covered by tents! Nice.

Jeff Bridges shares his experiences at the TRON: Legacy panel. I even got to ask him a question!

A giant Green Lantern in the DC Comics Toy booth.

It’s was awesome to see the creativity and talent from all kinds on the showroom floor.

The Westboro Baptist Church picket was pitiful. The Comic Con fans totally overwhelmed them.

Visionary Director Panel this year was led by JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon. This was very inspirational and hilarious.

The best Swag I have won in years- an exclusive Star Trek watch! Yea!

As a final added bonus, our hotel keys were themed for Comic Con guests! The awesomness never ends!



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2 responses to “Day 1 of Comic Con

  1. what in God’s name (pun intended) does Freddie have against comic con?

    • Tony

      He thinks it’s some form of ‘idol worship’ and nerds should be spending their time reading the Bible instead of comics. They had a very poor showing.

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