Saturday: Day 3 of Comic Con

Some of my friends with home-made CHUCK T-shirts for the panel on Saturday morning

A pretty amazing Hawkman from the DC universe

Star Wars had an amazing diorama of the entire Hoth scene from Empire Strikes Back

Rebellious teens show up to Comic Con in the form of Teen Titans

Now I know what it is liked to be encased in Carbonite!

Olivia Munn was interviewing Daniel Day Kim for the G4 live broadcast. Asian power!


Ironman was well represented as a fan favorite

Harrison Ford makes his very first appearance to Comic Con in handcuffs- mocking an earlier incident in Hall H. It was the loudest applause I had ever heard for a single individual!

The highlight of the day was the surprise AVENGERS panel with the entire cast led by a very enthusiastic Joss Whedon



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2 responses to “Saturday: Day 3 of Comic Con

  1. This is awesome! Great comic-con review. Wish I was there with SDCC!! haha


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